Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie Starring Indigo Blume By Kwame Alexander & Tim Bowers

Back of Book:
On the eve of singing at a community festival, a bout of stage fright threatens a little girl’s confidence. As Indigo Blume drifts off to sleep, she isn’t sure she’s brave enough to take the stage. But once she falls asleep, Indigo finds herself in a dream world with the characters of her favorite book, Acoustic Rooster and his Barnyard Band. The band’s members, including Miss Dairy Parton and Chickee Minaj, are rehearsing, and they invite Indigo to join the group. But when a storm destroys their barn, the animals are left with almost nothing. Can Indigo rally the band to work together and save their home? And will she find her voice in time for the festival?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Sleeping Bear Press in exchange for an honest review.
Acoustic Rooster is back and this time he is going to help a young girl named Indigo find her confidence. The story follows a young girl named Indigo who is preparing to sing for a community festival. When she begins to get a case of stage fright, she pulls inspiration from her favorite book. As she falls asleep, she has a dream about Acoustic Rooster and all his barnyard pals. When their barn collapses, Indigo helps them throw a benefit concert to raise money for a new barn. Helping each animal gave Indigo the confidence to be brave and shine like a bright star! Kwame Alexander did a terrific job of blending catchy tunes into the text that readers will be repeating long after the story is over. The illustrations by Tim Bowers are bright and filled with movement. My students loved that each animal had a unique hairstyle or hat. This picture book is a perfect addition to any growth mindset lesson or unit. A fun and enjoyable read aloud.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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