The Farm That Mac Built By Tammi Sauer & Jackie Urbanovic

Back of Book:
It’s showtime on Old Mac Donald’s Farm! The barnyard animals are putting on a play—a farm version of “The House That Jack Built”— but other animals keep taking the stage and interrupting the production. First some rambunctious monkeys, then breakdancing kangaroos . . . there’s even a pair of singing elephants. Everyone knows that monkeys, kangaroos, and elephants do NOT belong on a farm . . . so what to do?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Clarion Publishing in exchange for an honest.
“The Farm That Mac Built” By Tammi Sauer is a terrific story that blends Old McDonald Had a Farm, and The House that Jack. The story follows a scarecrow as he attempts to throw the perfect play about Old Mac Donald’s Farm! as each animal takes its cue, it becomes increasingly more silly as more and more “not farm animals”. The more animals that join, the more chaotic the play becomes. Tammi Saur has a gift for writing fun and interactive text that will keep readers laughing the entire time. Children will love making all the different animal sounds and guessing which animal will be on the next page. The illustrations by Jackie Urbanovic are bright and cheery! This is a very engaging and fun read-aloud that readers will want to hear over and over.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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