Dance Like a Leaf By Aj Irving & Claudia Navarro

Back of Book:
As her grandmother’s health declines, a young girl begins to lovingly take the lead in their cozy shared autumn traditions. Poetic prose paired with evocative illustrations by Mexican illustrator Claudia Navarro makes for a beautiful celebration of life and a gentle introduction to the death of a loved one.
My Review:
I received a digital copy of this picture book from author Aj Irving in exchange for an honest review.
“Dance Like a Leaf” by debut Aj Irving is a stunning picture book about a grandmother and granddaughter’s relationship and the rituals they share through the seasons. The story begins in September and gently follow each season. As the story progresses readers realize that Grandma is beginning to slow down both mentally and physically. When Grandma passes away, the little girl must learn to dance in the leaves alone. The lyrical text is stunning and draws readers into the beautiful bond that the young girl and her grandma share. The illustrations by Claudia Navarro are vibrant and whimsical. She captured the movement of the leaves in a stunning form. This is a beautiful look to share with readers during the loss of the grandparent and how children can keep those memories alive.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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