The Teachers March!: How Selma’s Teachers Changed History By Sandra Neil Wallace & Rich Wallace illustrated by Charly Palmer

Back of Book:
Reverend F.D. Reese was a leader of the Voting Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama. As a teacher and principal, he recognized that his colleagues were viewed with great respect in the city. Could he convince them to risk their jobs–and perhaps their lives–by organizing a teachers-only march to the county courthouse to demand their right to vote? On January 22, 1965, the Black teachers left their classrooms and did just that, with Reverend Reese leading the way.
My Review:
I am so excited to be apart of the book tour for this very special story.
“The Teachers March” How Selma’s Teachers Changed History by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace is a fantastic nonfiction narrative that introduces readers to the life and fight of Reverend F.D. Reece. Reece was a teacher whose favorite subject to teach was freedom. He was passionate about fighting to obtain equal rights for African Americans. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., Reece organized a teacher-led march. Even though the teachers knew they could lose their jobs, 104 of them marched. Their bravery allowed others to take a stand and fight for their freedom. Sandra and Rich skillfully opened readers’ eyes to a fairly unknown hero of the Civil Rights Movement. The illustrations by Charly Palmer are a blend of bright and muted colors. Charly used a unique style to capture the movement on each page.
The back of the book has in-depth back matter and shares a color photo of Reverend F.D. Reece. This is an empowering picture book and an important piece of Civil Rights history.
Ages 6 and up
44 Pages

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