Beatrix Potter, Scientist (She Made History) By Lindsay H. Metcalf Illustrated By Junyi Wu

Back of Book:
Everyone knows Beatrix Potter as the creator of the Peter Rabbit stories. But before that, she was a girl of science. As a child, Beatrix collected nature specimens; as a young adult, she was an amateur mycologist presenting her research on mushrooms and other fungi to England’s foremost experts. Like many women of her time, she remained unacknowledged by the scientific community, but her keen eye for observation led her to an acclaimed career as an artist and storyteller.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Albert Whitman Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Debut author Lindsay H. Metcalf skillfully introduces readers to another side of the well-known author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. As a child, Beatrix was fascinated with all types of nature. She and her brother would spend hours collecting all types of animals and plants. As a young adult, Beatrix continued to study and draw all types of mushrooms and other fungi. She was even brave enough to present her work at the Royal Botanic Gardens but was considered an amateur. The rejection made her work harder. Potter became a smart, determined young woman in a world that didn’t welcome female scientists. The illustrations by Junyi Wu are whimsical and seem to be done in colored pencil, which matches the type of illustrations that Beatrix Potter created. The pages are filled with soft colors and details that bring the book to life. The back of the book has a detailed timeline and information about the life and research of Beatrix Potter. This is a fantastic look at the unknown life of Beatrix Potter.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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