Super Rooster Saves the Day By Maureen Wright Illustrated By Rob McClurkan

Back of Book:
Ralph the rooster has big dreams of becoming a superhero. But the other farm animals aren’t so sure—except for Rosie the pig, that is. She’s Ralph’s best friend, and she believes in him. As Ralph and Rosie hang around the farm, there are just no opportunities to be a superhero and save the day…until the farmer turns on the radio, and the “Chicken Dance” song starts playing. POW-WOW! Suddenly it seems that Ralph may have some superpowers after all…or does he? Join Ralph and Rosie as they prove that believing in yourself and being a good friend is what makes a true superhero.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Two Lions Press & Blue Slip Media in exchange for an honest review.
“Super Rooster Saves the Day” by Maureen Wright is a delightful story about friendship and growth mindset. Ralph the rooster has big dreams of being a superhero. Sadly, his days are filled with boring bird things. The only animal who believes in him is his best friend Rosie the pig One day the farmer turns on the radio, and the “Chicken Dance” song starts playing. POW-WOW! Suddenly it seems like Ralph has the power the save the day. When Ralph and Rosie come across crows eating all the corn, they know that its Ralphs opportunity to truly be a superhero. It will take some quick thinking and the help of a friend for Ralph to fulfill his dream.
Maureen wrote a fun story filled with farm humor and sounds. Readers will love doing the “Chicken Dance” song along with Ralph and Rosie. The illustrations by Rob McClurkan are bright and filled with movement. This is a wonderful story that focuses on the importance of friendship, and never giving up on your dreams. An excellent social and emotional story for the classroom or at home.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

******************************************************************************Maureen Wright is the author of a number of popular picture books, including Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!, Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!, andShare, Big Bear, Share!, all illustrated by Will Hillenbrand; the Amazon bestseller Sneezy the Snowman, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin; and Anna and the Tooth Fairy, illustrated by Anna Chernyshova. She lives with her husband, Don, in Athens, Pennsylvania. Learn more about the author at

Rob McClurkan is the author and illustrator of Aw, Nuts!and Playdates Rule! and has also illustrated a number of books, including Tough Tug by Margaret Read MacDonald and Sloth to the Rescue by Leanne Shirtliffe. He grew up in Tennessee, where his grandparents’ farm, Saturday morning cartoons, and the Sunday funnies fueled his imagination. Now he lives with family near Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Rob at @rmcclurkanInstagram: @rmcclurkan“The amusing and bouncy refrain is a read-aloud treat…McClurkan’s uncomplicated farm scenes emphasize the animals’ expressive faces…Everyone has some secret powers hidden inside.” —Kirkus Reviews

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