One Girl By Andrea Beaty Illustrated By Dow Phumiruk

Back of Book:
One girl. One spark. Faint and fading in the dark.
Flicker . . . Flicker . . . Flicker . . . Glow. Tiny ember. Burning low.
Inspired by the global movement to empower girls through education, this lyrical story tells of one small girl who reads a book that lights a spark. She shares what she learns with her class, and the spark grows. The girl is then moved to write her own story, which she shares with girls around the globe, and it ignites a spark in them, lighting up the whole world. This heartwarming and moving narrative shows how books and education can inspire change and how one child can make a huge difference.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Abrams Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
“One Girl” by Andrea Beaty is a stunning look at how education can empower girls of all ages to do remarkable things. The story follows a young girl as she picks up a book that lights a spark in her life. As the girl continues to learn, the spark grows. The girl then writes her story down and begins to share it around the globe. The text is moving and shows readers how the power of education allows girls and young women to have a voice and make a difference. The illustrations by Dow Phumiruk are vibrant and capture the places education can take you. The back of the book has an authors note that discusses the over one hundred and thirty million girls across the world who are unable to receive an education. A perfect read-aloud for International Day of the Girl or any day.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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