The Girl with the Magic Ponytails By Karen Young Illustrated By Yoko Matsuoka

Back of Book:
Riley is an imaginative child with a great big secret flowing through her extra-long, chocolate brown ponytails. With a flip, a swoosh, and a twirl, she sparks a special kind of magic with her ponytails, allowing her to set sail on the high seas with a neighborhood dog, latch onto a shimmering star, skate on the ribbons of a rainbow.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Karen J Young in exchange for an honest review.
“The Girl With the Magic Ponytails” by Karen J Young is a creative and fun story that captures the importance of confidence and loving who you are. Riley is a young girl who is never without her magic ponytails. With her ponytails, she enters into a world of imagination and adventure. The text is full of descriptive language and action words. As a teacher, I can see using this story for a Language Arts lesson. The illustrations by Yoko Matsuoka are full of movement, bright colors, and a dash of magic. “The Girl With the Magic Ponytails” is a fabulous story that young readers will enjoy.
Ages 5 and up
56 Pages

To Learn more go to Karen’s website

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