Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs! By John Loren

Back of Book:
A young trick-or-treater has the best Frankenstein costume ever…if he can make it out the front door!
Every time he tries to set foot into the dark and stormy night, his overly concerned parents interrupt with yet another warm and cozy addition to his costume. But Frankenstein does not wear floppy boots, or a puffy jacket, or a fanny pack. And he especially doesn’t wear earmuffs!
Will our young Frankenstein be able to break loose from his bundled layers and have the Halloween of his dreams?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Harper Collins Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
During the Halloween season, I love finding fun and silly books that I can read aloud to my students. “Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs!” by John Loren is a comical look at one hopeful trick or treater who cannot seem to make it out the door. Every time the young Frankenstein tries, his over helpful parents add another piece of clothing to the mix. Finally, Frankenstein becomes so frustrated that he leaves the house without all the extra items. It isn’t until Frankenstein sees all his friends in their warm clothes that he rethinks the need for extra layers. The text is filled with descriptive language and shows speech bubbles to indicate when the parents are speaking. The illustrations are a fun blend of young Frankensteins’ imagination and his reality. I loved that each item of clothing added a pop of color to the page. This adorable story will have help readers get excited about Halloween and trick or treating.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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