The Truth About Dragons Written & Illustrated by Jaime Zollars

Back of Book:
As a young girl cautiously approaches a castle full of soaring, roaring dragons, she worries about their wildness and their terribly sharp teeth. And indeed, the dragons are hungry and noisy, and they seem to be hovering closer and closer . . . until the girl notices that some of the beasts are wearing mismatched socks. And some are playing tambourines. And some prefer to color quietly in the corner. Could there be more to these dragons than the girl first realized?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Jaime Zollars in exchange for an honest review.
“The Truth About Dragons” by Jaime Zollars is a clever story that follows a young girl as she timidly enters a new situation with dragons that at first seem scary. But the girl slowly starts to notice little things, like the dragons wear mismatched socks, they eat at tables and are sometimes messy, and they make weird noises. As the story continues, the dragons evolve into children and no longer seem scary. The illustrations are filled with vivid colors and exquisite detail. Each page draws readers’ eyes to the dragons. I love that this book touches on the themes of friendship, empathy, and bravery. This is a perfect story to read for any child who is feeling nervous about a new situation. A wonderful book for the classroom or at home.
40 Pages
Ages 5 and up

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