Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story By Ann Marie Stephens Illustrated By Jia Liu

Back of Book:
The Arithmechicks have invited their new friend Mouse for a sleepover. When Mama says it’s time for bed, the clever chicks decide it’s time to prolong the fun instead! During the story, readers are invited to count and take away during everyone’s favorite game of hide-and-seek — and to find Mouse, who hides in a different place in each illustration — until all settle down for bed in the warm, cozy conclusion.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Boyds Mills Press in exchange for an honest review.
My students loved the first Arithmechicks story by Ann Marie Stephens so, I was thrilled to get to share the sequel with them. “Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story follows a fun group of chicks who have invited their friend mouse over for a sleepover. When Mama Hen says it’s time for bed, the chicks devise a plan to continue their fun and begin playing a clever game of hide and seek. The text uses math language and discusses basic subtraction in a fun and engaging way. Readers count the chicks and, simple subtraction concepts are introduced. As the story continues, the subtraction problems become more complex. The illustrations by Jia Liu are full of bright colors for the animals and showcase the numbers in black and white. The back of the book has more information about the different ways that subtraction can be taught to children. Arithmechicks is a great educational book that is perfect for the classroom or at home.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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