Rum Pum Pum By David L. Harrison & Jane Yolen Illustrated By Anjan Sarkar

Back of Book:
The lonely tiger finds a drum. He strikes it with his tail–and friends start to follow: a monkey who says “chee-chee-chee” which means “I will come too” in monkey talk, a rhino who says “ouggh” which means “I will come too” in rhino talk, a parrot that says “scree-awk,” a chameleon, an elephant, and eventually a child–who is now reunited with the drum he lost. Because of the drum, the tiger is no longer lonely and friendless.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Holiday House in exchange for an honest review.
“Rum Pum Pum” by David L. Harrison and Jane Yolen is a story set in India about how a single misplaced drum helps a lonely tiger make friends with all the animals of the jungle. The story begins with a Tigger who is lonely and looking for a friend. When he stumbles upon a traditional Indian drum, Tiger believes that the drum is his friend. As Tiger walks through the jungle he plays the drum, drawing other animals who eagerly follow him. Eventually, the animals begin to argue over who should hold the drum. The noise attracts a young boy, who shows the animals that the drum was created to play music. The rhythmic sound puts the animals to sleep while giving them a lovely memory of how they became friends. Readers will eagerly follow along with Tiger, Monkey, Rhino, Parrot, Chameleon, Elephant, and Drum as they create their own unique parade. The cadence and language of the text draws readers into the story by having them repeat the sound of the animals as they read along. The illustrations by Anjan Sarkar are filled with lush colors, creating a vibrant immersive environment that invites readers to take part in the parade. Additionally, the book provides context on the traditional Indian drum, the environment, and the animals that can be found in India. Rum Pum Pum is a whimsical and colorful lesson for children on the power of music, showing that even three simple beats of a drum are enough to unite people and animals alike.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

I was sent a wonderful original poem by David to share with my review

Original Poem by David L. Harrison

n the forest, deep and green, the tiger pads on silent feet,

solitary life, discreet,rarely heard, seldom seen.
Rarely heard, seldom seenwith man the only thing to fear,

its numbers dwindle down each year where once it ruled the deep and green

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