Hello, Neighbor!: The Kind and Caring World of Mister Rogers Written and Illustrated By Matthew Cordell

Back of Book:
In difficult times, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood provided a refuge for children and their families alike; a way to understand and talk about what was happening, and find hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Groundbreaking in a quiet, generous way, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood introduced a generation of children to the wonders of the world in the comfort of their own living rooms. Fred Rogers took young viewers to art museums, introduced them to different professions, and talked through difficult subjects like losing a loved one, or experiencing parents’ divorce, with compassion and reassurance.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Book Trib in exchange for an honest review.
“Hello Neighbor!: The Kind and Caring World of Mr. Rogers by Matthew Cordell is a wonderful look at how one mans mission to spread kindness changed television and children’s education.
The story follows Fred Rogers from his childhood as a shy boy, to his incredible work in education programs. The text is written in a way that invites readers into the storyline and allows them to feel like they are apart of Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood. The illustrations are done in warm watercolors and capture several scenes from the show. Matthew did a fantastic job of weaving details and colors in a way that captures the imagination. The back of the book shares more information about Fred Rogers as well as a visual glossary of items that appeared in the show. This is a well researched, and inviting story about a man who believed that kindness started with children.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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