Saving Stella: A Dog’s Dramatic Escape from War By Bassel Abou Fakher, Deborah Blumenthal Ilustrated by Nadine Kaadan

Back of Book:
Some bonds are stronger than war . . .

Life for musician Bassel and his dog Stella in Damascus, Syria, has changed since the civil war began. Instead of enjoying long walks through their neighborhood, they hear bombs toppling buildings and sharp blasts of gunfire through the night. When it becomes too dangerous for him to stay, Bassel makes the difficult decision to escape, leaving his family, friends–and Stella–behind.
After a long, dangerous journey, Bassel finally finds refuge in Belgium, but misses his family, his home, and most of all . . . Stella. With the help of friends in his new home, Bassel hatches a dramatic plan to rescue his beloved dog.

My Review:
“Saving Stella A Dogs Dramatic Escape from War” by Bassel Abou Fakher and Deborah Blumenthal is an inspirational story about the love between A man and his beloved dog.
Bassel lived in Damascus, Syria where he was a musician. In the year 2015 rebel groups wanted a new leader which, led to war breaking out. Bassel eventually decided to flee his own country. Sadly, that meant leaving his dog Stella behind as the journey would be too difficult for a dog. Bassel headed north through Turkey and endured many hardships before entering Belgium. Bassel was able to find good friends, who helped him to find a way to rescue Stella. The plan was incredibly dangerous but in the end, Bassel and Stella are reunited in their new home. . Deborah and Bassel’s descriptive text allows readers to feel like they are apart of the story. The illustrator, Nadine Kaadan is a native Syrian and she captured the influence of war in a very realistic way. The back of the book shares more information about the Syrian War, as well as notes from Bassel and Nadine. This nonfiction own voice story is an remarkable look and the strength and endurance that both refugees and their pets face when they flee their homes.
Ages 6 and up
40 Pages 40

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