I Want to Ride the Tap Tap By Danielle Joseph Illustrated By Olivier Ganthier

Back of Book:
Monday through Saturday, Claude and Manman walk Papa to the tap tap stop, where Claude meets all sorts of interesting people waiting for the tap tap. Claude wants to join Papa, but Claude has classes at school and chores at home…
On Sunday, Manman and Papa have a surprise for Claude―a ride on the tap tap! They go to the beach, where they meet a lady selling mangoes, a fisherman, a straw-hat maker, a steel drummer, and an artist. They show Claude how to fish, make hats, play the drums, and paint.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Farrar, Straus and Giroux in exchange for an honest review.
“I Want to Ride the Tap Tap” by Danielle Joseph is a terrific Haitian story that follows a young boy named Claude whose wish is to ride the tap tap. Throughout the week Claude sees fascinating people waiting to catch the tap tap. Each person has an exciting occupation and Claude wants to participate in them all, but he has classes at school and chores at home. Finally, on Dimanch, (Sunday) Claude gets to ride the tap-tap and celebrate with his family, and community at the beach. The text is engaging and has Haitian Creole words sprinkled throughout the story. Danielle did a wonderful job of bringing the culture and community of Haiti to life. The illustrations by native Haitian Olivier Ganthier are an explosion of color and detail. The back of the book has a glossary and more information about tap-taps. “I Want to Ride the Tap Tap” is a delightful story and a wonderful look at transportation in other countries.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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