Raccoon’s Perfect Snowman Written and Illustrated by Katia Wish

Back of Book:
Raccoon loves making snowmen. He practices all winter with his rolling, his stacking, and his decorating. He doesn’t overlook any detail and his snowmen are perfect. When his friends come by, Raccoon is certain that they will also want to build snowmen. And they will need his help. But following Raccoon’s directions aren’t that easy. Poor Rabbit can’t find the right snow (someone has used it all); Fox doesn’t have the right tools (someone isn’t sharing them); and Mouse can’t decorate her snowman (someone has taken the best items). And that someone is Raccoon. When his friends have decided they have had enough, Raccoon realizes too late the error of his ways. But is it too late? Will his friends give Raccoon one more chance to work together to build a totally different kind of perfect snowman? This ideal-for-every-time-of-the-year story celebrates the bonds of friendship and the power of forgiveness.
My Review:
I received this picture book from Sleeping Bear Press in exchange for an honest review.
“Racoon’s Perfect Snowman” by debut author Katia Wish is a beautiful wintery tale that focuses on the importance of friendship, and that imperfection is okay. Racoon is very serious about building snowmen, so much in fact that he instructs his friends to do exactly what he does. The only problem is that Racoon has all the tools and the other animals struggle to create their perfect creations. Rabbit, Fox, and Mouse don’t use the best snow, their snowmen are lopsided, and their decorations are not exciting at all. Discouraged, the animals leave Racoon alone which allows him to rethink the importance of having perfect creation over having fun with his friends. Katia created a lovely social and emotional story that showcases the importance of fun over perfection. Her illustrations are whimsical and draw readers into the story. “Racoon’s Perfect Snowman” is a wonderful story to show children of all ages the importance of having fun.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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