The Snow Dancer By Addie Boswell Illustrated by Mercè López

Back of Book:
Young dancer Sofia wakes up to a quiet, white world—it’s a snow day! She makes her way outside to the neighborhood park, where a field awaits her, white and shining and open. It isn’t long before the rest of the neighborhood wakes its sleepy head—and the other kids make their way to the park, scattering all of Sofia’s beautiful silence. But with the help of a new young friend, Sofia is ready to show everyone what a snow dancer can do on a perfect day like this. With lyrical language and gorgeous art, this book sparkles with all the joy and beauty of a snow day.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Two Lions Press and Blue Slip Media in exchange for an honest review.
“The Snow Dancer” by Addie Boswell is a lyrical story that follows a young girl named Sofia as she celebrates the quiet beauty of a snow day. She finds her way to the park where she dances in silence through a pristine snowscape. When the other children rush in and break the silence, Sofia feels defeated. It takes meeting a new friend, to help Sofia be brave enough to join (skelter-melter!) and dance across the snow. The text uses onomatopoeia throughout the story and enriches the lyrical plot. The illustrations by Mercè López beautifully capture Sofia’s movement and draw readers into the story. “The Snow Dancer” is a truly magical story that allows readers to be swept up in the excitement of a snow day.
32 Pages
Ages 5 and up

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