Watch Me: A Story of Immigration and Inspiration By Doyin Richards Illustrated By Joe Cepeda

Back of Book:
Joe came to America from Africa when he was young. He worked hard in school, made friends, and embraced his new home. Like so many immigrants before and after him, Joe succeeded when many thought he would fail.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Feiwel & Friends in exchange for an honest review.
“Watch Me: A Story of Immigration and Inspiration” By Doyin Richards is an inspirational story autobiographical look at Doyin’s father Joe, and his journey to America. Joe grew up in a place called Sierra Leone, a small West African country. As a child, his dream was to come to America his friends and family discouraged him, saying that he would never fit in. His response was a smile and the simple statement “Watch me”
When Joe did reach America, he had to learn to adapt to the strange food, different music, and unkind people telling him to go back to Africa. Joe continued to stick with his motto of “Watch me” and eventually become a doctor. The text is unique because it includes Doyin asking readers if they see people like Joe in their own schools and communities. The illustrations by Joe Cepeda are full of bold images and bright colors. “Watch Me” is a wonderful story that opens doors for conversations about immigration, acceptance, diversity inclusion, and more.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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