A Sled for Gabo By Emma Otheguy Illustrated By Ana Ramírez González

Back of Book:
On the day it snows, Gabo sees kids tugging sleds up the hill, then coasting down, whooping all the while. Gabo wishes he could join them, but his hat is too small, and he doesn’t have boots or a sled.
But he does have warm and welcoming neighbors in his new town who help him solve the problem in the sweetest way possible!
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Emma Otheguy in exchange for an honest review.
“A Sled for Gabo” By Emma Otheguy is a charming story about how a young boy connects with his community. On the day it snows, Gabo sees other children riding down hills on sleds. Gabo wishes that he could join them, but he doesn’t even have the proper clothing, let alone a sled. Gabo feels too shy to ask other children for a turn on their sleds, so he asks his neighbors instead. Eventually, Gabo finds a way to sled down the hill and makes a new friend in the process. This wintery tale is filled with wonderful themes such as perseverance, friendship, and being resourceful. The text is lyrical and has Spanish words sprinkled throughout the story. The illustrations by Ana Ramírez González are warm and colorful. She beautifully contrasted the cool winter shades with bursts of bright color on the clothes, and houses. This a cozy, cheerful story that readers will love over and over again.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

Want to Visit With Emma? Details Below

YES I want a virtual winter celebration at my school. How do these work? 

  •  For every 10 copies of A SLED FOR GABO or UN TRINEO PARA GABO your school community buys, I will offer a complimentary 30-minute virtual author visit. These can be from any bookseller, and can be purchased by your school, your parents’ association, or by individual families in your school community. You can add the books to your school library, gift them to teachers, or use them as giveaways. Individual families love having the book at home to remember special author visits. Request your visit here!

How can I schedule this visit? 

What grades does this work for?

  •  I recommend this event for students in Kindergarten-3rd grade, but I am happy to speak to any and all grade levels. I would be delighted to speak to a high school Spanish class reading Un trineo para Gabo, for example!  

Can you do this presentation in Spanish? 

  •  Yes! I am a native bilingual in Spanish and English and this presentation can be offered in the language of your choice. A Sled for Gabo will be published simultaneously in Spanish (Un trineo para Gabo). 

Do these books have to be bought all at once? Is there a specific order form? 

  • You can buy these books from the bookseller or booksellers of your choice, and there is no order form involved–you’re free to share the link or links of your choice with parents or administrators, and they are free to buy from any retailer they choose. 

There’s no bookseller in my area. Where do you suggest we buy books? 

  • Most booksellers these days will ship anywhere in the country. If you don’t have a bookseller you love, I also recommend Bookshop.org for a fast and convenient shopping experience. 

A signed book makes author visits even more memorable. How can we get our books signed?

  • For signed books, buy from my local bookstore, Astoria Bookshop. I’ll pop into the store to sign them, and they will ship anywhere in the country. If you are directing parents to buy signed books, please remind them to leave a comment at checkout specifying the child’s name. 

I want this to be a special experience for my students, especially with everything going on right now. How can I make sure that this will really be a winter celebration, especially since I don’t know whether I’ll be in person or remote? 

  • Make it a fun day! Encourage your students to wear cozy pajamas or a snuggly scarf. I’ll send some ideas for optional Latin American treats like dulce de leche, guava, and turrón.
  • Hype it up! Prepare your students for this visit by reading A SLED FOR GABO beforehand and discussing questions. Consider using A SLED FOR GABO as a mentor text for a writing activity surrounding a favorite snow day memory, a first snow day, or making new friends. 
  • Read comp titles: how does A SLED FOR GABO compare to other winter books your class has read? 
  • Follow up afterward with photos (if your class was in person) samples of related artwork, and the best questions students asked. 

We bought way more than 10 copies. Can we gift a visit to another class or school? 

This is such a cool opportunity. Can I share this with other people? 

  • Yes! Your recommendation means the world to me. 

I can’t WAIT to meet your students and celebrate the season with them!   

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