Goldibooks and the Wee Bear By Troy Wilson Illustrated By Edwardian Taylor

Goldibooks and the Wee Bear 

Back of Book:

In this adorable reimagining of the beloved classic, Wee Bear is on the hunt for something new to read. As he sets off through the woods, he stumbles upon Goldibooks’s house. While she and her parents are out for a walk, Wee Bear makes himself at home. But Mama’s books are too hard (hardcovers) and Papa’s are too soft (paperbacks). Thankfully, Goldibooks’s book collection is juuuust right! With a pile of books in-hand, Wee Bear sits down to read. But Mama’s chair is too hard, and Papa’s chair is too soft. Thankfully, Goldibook’s chair is juuuuust right!

Exhausted from reading so many books, Wee Bear tucks himself into bed. But Mama’s bed is too hard, and Papa’s bed is too soft. Thankfully, Goldibooks’s bed is juuuust right! And that’s where Goldibooks and her parents find him when they return home from their walk. As the story unfolds from there, readers are reminded that the best books are those we share with friends.

My Review:

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears has always been a classroom favorite with my students. One of my favorite things to do is to read a couple of fractured versions of the story, then do a compare and contrast activity. 

“Goldibooks and the Wee Bear” by Troy Wilson is an adorable bookish twist on a classic fairy tale. In this version, the wee bear enters Goldibooks house in search of something to read. First, he tries mom’s books but they are too hard then he tries dad’s books but those are too hard. Finally, the wee bear finds Goldi’s books and they are just right. This trend continues until the wee bear falls fast asleep. When Goldie and her family return and find Wee Bear they realize that all the bear family wants to do is read. Together, the two families come up with a plan so that they can all read together! This is a wonderful story with a strong emphasis on the importance of reading. The illustrations by Edwardian Taylor are done with vibrant colors and cheerful characters. I particularly love all the illustrations of the books. This is a perfect read-aloud to celebrate the joy of all things literacy. 

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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