If Bees Disappeared Written and Illustrated by Lily Williams

Back of Book:
The rolling hills and lush climate of Kent, England are home to many creatures.
These creatures are fluffy, sneaky, spikey, and … small, like the bee.
Though bees are small, their importance is BIG. Today there are over 250,000 species of bees but all of them are in danger. Because of disease, pesticide exposure, lack of foraging habitats, and poor nutrition, entire honey bee hives are dying.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Macmillan Press in exchange for an honest review.
“If Bees Disappeared” written and illustration by Lilly Williams is another wonderful addition to her (If Animals Disappeared) series. In this story, readers are introduced to the amazing connection that bees have to one another and the environment. I was surprised at the number of facts that Lilly successfully weaved into each page. She skillfully showcases how bees are keystones species because the work they do affects the entire ecosystem. The end of the story encourages readers to do what they can to protect the bee species. The illustrations are a perfect mix of scientific and colorful. The back of the book includes a glossary as well as more information about how to create a bee-friendly environment. This is a great book to share during Earth Day or any study about bees.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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