A Neighborhood Walk, A Musical Journey By Pilar Winter Hill & Illustrated By Olivia Duchess

Back of Book:
One bright city morning, Penelope and her mom make their way to the farmer’s market. On-street corners and train platforms, musicians and performers enchant Penelope, speaking to her through their floating, booming notes. The noise of the city keeps the pair moving―until Penelope hears a sound so magical she knows she has to play the instrument that makes it.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Albert Whitman in exchange for an honest review.
A Neighborhood Walk, A Musical Journey By Pilar Winter Hill follows a young girl named Penelope as she reacts to the sounds that are throughout her city community. Penelope especially loves the sounds that come from the street performers. Each sound evokes excitement and makes her move to the beat. Near the end of the story, Penelope hears a violin and decides that it is her favorite sound of all. The text is filled with onomatopoeia and draws readers in the descriptions of each sound. The illustrations by Olivia Duchess are done with vivid colors and beautifully showcase the diversity and joy of a city community. The back of the book has a note from the author about how she found her love of music, This is a wonderful story that captures the joy of music.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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