Sophie Stands Out By Katie Storey Illustrated by Kellie Colleen

Back of Book:

Sophie Stands Out is a children’s picture book about learning to be comfortable in the skin—or pajamas—you’re in. Sophie is a little girl who loves to wear her jammies and has the best idea to wear them all day. Until she starts to get stares from everyone around town who wonders why she isn’t dressed for the day.

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from BiblioKid Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Sophie Stands Out by debut author Katie Storey showcases the importance of being yourself and not giving up. 

One morning, Sophie wakes up and decides that it would be great fun to wear her pajamas all day long. During her day, some of her friends embrace the idea while others question her unique wardrobe choice. In the end, Sophie realizes that it isn’t what you wear but how you embrace life that matters. The illustrations by Kellie Steinbeigle are bright and capture Sophie’s joy and excitement. This is a lovely story that reminds readers of all ages to focus on what they love no matter what others may think. 

Ages 3 and up

34 Pages 

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