Tad Lincoln’s Restless Wriggle: Pandemonium and Patience in the President’s House By Beth Anderson Illustrated by S.D Schindler

Back of Book:

Tad Lincoln’s boundless energy annoyed almost everyone but his father, President Abraham Lincoln. But Tad put that energy to good use during the tough times of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln guided Tad’s wriggle on visits to hospitals, to the telegraph office, and to army camps. Tad greeted visitors, raised money for bandages, and kept his father company late into the night. This special and patient bond between father and son was plain to see, and before long, Tad had wriggled his way into the hearts of others as well. Beth Anderson and S.D. Schindler follow Tad’s antics during the Civil War to uncover the generous heart and joyful spirit that powered Tad’s restless wriggle.

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Calkins Creek Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

I am so excited to be apart of the blog tour for this fun, and relatable story. Tad Lincoln’s Restless Wriggle: Pandemonium and Patience in the President’s House by Beth Anderson is a heartwarming story that introduces readers to President Lincoln’s son Tad and his many mishaps while living in the White House. From the very beginning of his life, Thomas Lincoln wiggled. His constant movement earned him the nickname Tad from his loving father. In a world where children were supposed to be seen and not heard, Tad shattered the idea of how”most” children behaved. Tad had a huge heart for animals, which led him to beg his father to pardon a turkey during the holiday season. In his constant determination to help the war effort, Tad threw his endless energy into ways that he could help the soldiers. Although Tad had several impediments like a speech issue and learning difficulties he strived to do his best to help those around him. Beth Anderson has once again crafted a stunning biography about a less-known hero in history. Her text is detailed and filled with interesting nuggets of information. The illustrations by S. D. Schindler showcase the Civil War era beautifully. Schindler also captured the many movements of Tad in a relatable, and colorful way. The end matter includes several more facts about the Lincoln family and the historical turkey pardon. Tad Lincoln’s Restless Wriggle is a wonderful, and fun nonfiction story perfect for the classroom or home. 

Ages 6 and up

40 Pages 

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