Everybody in the Red Brick Building By Anne Wynter Illustrated By Oge Mora

Back of Book:

Everybody in the red brick building was asleep. Until . . .


Rraak! Wake up!

Pitter patter STOMP!


A chain reaction of noises wakes up several children (and a cat) living in an apartment building. But it’s late in the night, so despite the disturbances, one by one, the building’s inhabitants return to their beds—this time with a new set of sounds to lull them to sleep.

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Balzer + Bray in exchange for an honest review.

Everybody in the Red Brick Building by Anne Wynter captures the different sounds that occur throughout an apartment complex. Everyone is sound asleep until one by one a series of events wakens the building residents. Slowly, the residents settle down by focusing on new sounds that lull them to sleep. The text is written using charming onomatopoeia that engages readers with the different sounds of an urban neighborhood. The illustrations by Oge Mora are brought to life with vivid detail and color. I live and teach in a rural area, and am so excited to showcase how some people live and sleep in the city. This is a captivating story that is a perfect bedtime or classroom read aloud.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages 

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