A Christmas Too Big Written and Illustrated by Colleen Madden

Back of Book:

Kerry’s family goes completely berserk with Christmas every year. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, her home becomes a whirlwind of lights, music, and elves, elves, elves!

Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.

This year, Kerry is desperate for some peace and quiet. Heading outdoors, she realizes a lot of her neighbors are having a Christmas too big. But not Mrs. Flores. She’s having a much quieter Christmas, complete with decorations and music from the country where she used to live. It sparks an idea: maybe there’s a way for Kerry to create her own Christmas traditions.

But will anyone in her crazy Christmas house understand?

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Two Lions Publishing and Blue Slip Media in exchange for an honest review. I am very excited to be a part of the blog tour for A Christmas Too Big. 

A Christmas Too Big written and illustrated by Colleen Madden is a charming bilingual story that focuses on the true purpose of Christmas. 

The story follows Kerry, a young girl whose family goes overboard with Christmas everything. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, her home becomes a whirlwind of lights, singing, finding elves, and overdecorating. Kerry begins to feel overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle. Desperate for some peace, Kerry heads outside and realizes that her neighborhood is full of too much Christmas.

 It’s not until she sees Mrs. Flores struggling to push her grocery cart through the snow, that she finds a quieter Christmas. Kerry shows Mrs. Flores how to use her tablet to talk to her family. As Kerry soaks up the joy from Mrs. Flores, she realizes that maybe Christmas doesn’t have to be big, to be memorable.  

The bilingual text and speech bubbles throughout the story, allow readers to stay engaged throughout the book. The illustrations are charming and filled with bright and inviting colors. A Christmas Too Big  is the perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. 

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages 

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