Soul Food Sunday By Winsome Bingham Illustrated By C.G, Esperanza

Back of Book:

At Granny’s, Sunday isn’t Sunday without a big family gathering over a lovingly prepared meal. Old enough now, our narrator is finally invited to help cook the dishes for the first time: He joins Granny in grating the cheese, cleaning the greens, and priming the meat for Roscoe Ray’s grill. But just when Granny says they’re finished, her grandson makes his own contribution, sweetening this Sunday gathering—and the many more to come.

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Abrahms Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Soul Food Sunday by debut author Winsome Bingham showcases a beautiful celebration of family, food, and tradition. 

The story follows a young boy as he helps his beloved granny make delicious soul food. Step by step, she shows him how each dish is prepared. The young boy works until his hands hurt, his arms ache but he doesn’t quit. Feeling empowered, he works to create his own special contribution to share during soul food Sunday. The text is writen in a first person narrative which allows readers to connect with the joy of cooking. The illustrations by C. G. Esperanza are filled with bright colors that perfectly capture the different cooking techniques. The back of the book includes notes from the author and illustrator about their memories cooking soul food with their grannies. The back of the book also includes a delicious sounding recipie for Mac and Cheese. This book is a true treasure and perfect for home, and school libraries. 

Ages 5 and up

48 Pages

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