Love Is Loud: How Diane Nash Led the Civil Rights Movement By Sandra Neil Wallace Illustrated by Bryan Collier 

I recieved a copy of this iecture book from Simon Kids Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Introduction of the story:

Love is Loud: How Diane Nash Led the Civil Rights Movement by Sandra Neil Wallace Introduces readers to one of the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Diane grew up in the south side of Chicago in the 1940s. As a university student, she visited the Tennessee State Fair in 1959. Shocked to see a bathroom sign that read For Colored Women, Diane learned that segregation in the South went beyond schools—it was part of daily life. She decided to fight back, not with anger or violence, but with strong words of truth and action. 

Why I Love This Book:

As a teacher, I am always adding to my classroom library, and when I heard about this book I was thrilled to add it to my Civil Rights Unit. The text is written using second person narrative which adds a unique depth to the story. Sandra Neil Wallace did a fantastic job of highlighting historical events and how Diane Nash fought for change and quality. The illustrations by Bryan Collier were created using a mix of watercolor and collage. The combination allow the illustrations to look like they are jumping off the pages. The back of the book includes a timeline, black and white photos of Diane Nash, as well as extra informational sources. This is a stunning book that is perfect to read in the classroom or at home. 

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