How to Track an Easter Bunny by Sue Fliess

Back of Book: Legend has it that the only way to find all the hidden Easter eggs is to track an Easter Bunny’s every move. . . . But be careful: Easter Bunnies hop fast! To find one, you’ll need to be clever in crafting a tricky nest. So, grab some nest supplies, glitter, andContinue reading “How to Track an Easter Bunny by Sue Fliess”

God Gave us Easter By Lisa Tawn Bergren

Back of Book: Little Cub is stunned to hear her father say that Easter is even better than Christmas. On a walk, Papa Bear uses an Easter egg, an uprooted tree, and evidence of new life in a pinecone to tell the Easter story: how Jesus was the root of Jesse who came to dieContinue reading “God Gave us Easter By Lisa Tawn Bergren”