Luci Soars Written and Illustrated By Lulu Delacre

Back of Book:Luci was born without a shadow. Mamá says no one notices. But Luci does. And sometimes others do too. Sometimes they stare, sometimes they tease Luci, and sometimes they make her cry. But when Luci learns to look at what makes her different as a strength, she realizes she has more power thanContinue reading “Luci Soars Written and Illustrated By Lulu Delacre”

Mirette on the High Wire By Emily Arnold McCully

Click here to view on Amazon Back of Book: Mirette was always fascinated by the strange and interesting people who stayed in her mother’s boardinghouse. But no one excited her as much as Bellini, who walks the clothesline with the grace and ease of a bird. When Mirette discovers that fear has kept him from performingContinue reading “Mirette on the High Wire By Emily Arnold McCully”