Laxmi’s Mooch By Shelly Anand Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali

Back of Book:Laxmi never paid much attention to the tiny hairs above her lip. But one day while playing farm animals at recess, her friends point out that her whiskers would make her the perfect cat. She starts to notice body hair all over–on her arms, legs, and even between her eyebrows.My Review:I received aContinue reading “Laxmi’s Mooch By Shelly Anand Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali”

Catherine’s Pascha By Charlotte Riggle & Illustrated R.J. Hughes

Back of Book:It’s Pascha, and Catherine is determined to stay awake all night. Can she do it? Will she remember how to say “Christ is risen!” in Russian? Will her best friend Elizabeth remember how to say it in Greek? Will their parents let them play with burning candles, smash hard-boiled eggs, and eat sweetsContinue reading “Catherine’s Pascha By Charlotte Riggle & Illustrated R.J. Hughes”

Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao By Kat Zhang

Back of Book:  Amy loves to make bao with her family. But it takes skill to make the bao taste and look delicious. And her bao keeps coming out all wrong. Then she has an idea that may give her a second chance…Will Amy ever make the perfect bao? My Review: I received a copy of thisContinue reading “Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao By Kat Zhang”

The Bar Mitzvah Boys By Myron Uhlberg

Back of Book: Grandpa was never bar mitzvahed; it was wartime, and life was difficult. It’s been a regret his whole life. Many years later, it’s his grandson’s time to go through the Jewish ritual of coming of age. The father suggests that they be bar mitzvahed together. They study together, recite together, and celebrateContinue reading “The Bar Mitzvah Boys By Myron Uhlberg”