Bear’s Bicycle By Laura Renauld Illustrated By Jennie Poh

Back of Book: Bear, Porcupine, Doe, and Squirrel all eagerly prepare for the festival on wheels. But even after studying every book on bikes he can find, Bear still struggles to get the hang of riding. While he is on his way to the library for a new book, his friends teach Bear that everyoneContinue reading “Bear’s Bicycle By Laura Renauld Illustrated By Jennie Poh”

Today Is a Beach Day! By Nancy Viau & Charlie Alder

Back of Book:Hooray, it’s a beach day! Come along as this family builds sandcastles, plays in the waves, and hunts for seashells. This lively rhyming read-aloud tale will have everyone clamoring for a day at the beach.My Review:I received a copy of this picture book from Albert Whitman Publishing in exchange for an honest review.ThisContinue reading “Today Is a Beach Day! By Nancy Viau & Charlie Alder”

How to Meet a Mermaid By Sue Fliess & Simona Sanfilippo

Back of Book:Mermaids are rarely seen, and even more rarely met. But, if you gather some natural craft supplies—shells, coral, driftwood, and sea glass—and make her a gift, you might just befriend one! Will you spot a mermaid in the waves just off shore? If you do, will you be ready? By being observant, resourceful,Continue reading “How to Meet a Mermaid By Sue Fliess & Simona Sanfilippo”

A Year with Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill

Back of Book: In September, Mama Earth sighs out the first autumn frost, which crunches under children’s feet. Mama Earth looks after nature’s plants and animals throughout the year—singing lullabies to fat bears in the fall, dressing evergreens in icicles in winter, and waking up the crocuses in spring. And in the summer, Mama EarthContinue reading “A Year with Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill”

The Night Is Yours by Abdul-Razak Zachariah

Back of Book: This lyrical text, narrated to a young girl named Amani by her father, follows her as she plays an evening game of hide-and-seek with friends at her apartment complex. The moon’s glow helps Amani find the last hidden child and seems almost like a partner to her in her game, as wellContinue reading “The Night Is Yours by Abdul-Razak Zachariah”

Sea Glass Summer by Michelle Houts

Back of Book: One summer, a boy named Thomas visits his grandmother at her seaside cottage. She gives him a magnifying glass that once belonged to his grandfather, and with it Thomas explores the beach, turning grains of sand into rocks and dark clamshells into swirling mazes of black, gray, and white. When his grandmotherContinue reading “Sea Glass Summer by Michelle Houts”