Barnum’s Bones: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World By Tracey Fern


Back of Book:

Barnum Bones (1873-1963) parents named him after the circus icon P.T. Barnum, hoping that he would do something extraordinary–and he did! As a paleontologist for the American Museum of Natural History, he discovered the first documented skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as most of the other dinosaurs on display there today.

My Review

I have mentioned that I have a boy heavy class this year. They all LOVE anything dinosaur related. When I read the description of this book, I knew it would be a great read aloud. My students thought it was amazing! They all sat and listened as I read about all the different bones that Barnum uncovered. This book tells of the amazing life of P.T. Barnum. He truly dedicated his life to sniffing out  and finding fossils.  This is a great biography story as well as a must read for all dinosaur lovers.

Ages 5 and up

36 Pages

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