Nibbles the book monster By Emma Yarlett


Back of Book:

Nibbles is on the loose, and he’s chomping through all of your favorite fairy tales! With books within the book, Emma Yarlett’s utterly appealing artwork, and lots and lots of nibbled holes, this laugh-out-loud funny and ferocious charmer’s unstoppable appetite for the printed page will nibble a hole right through your heart.

My Review:

I recently was a part of an Usborne book party. I heard about this amazing story and knew that my class had to have it.  They absolutely feel in love with Nibbles and so did I. I have never seen a book that is quite as creative as this one. Nibbles actuality enters other fairy tales. Each story he enters is its own unique story within the story. I loved reading each part of this book. After reading this story aloud, I was able to use it as a writing activity. My students asked to read this book every day during independent reading time. I was amazed at the impact Nibbles had on them. The illustrations are fantastic and truly draw a reader in. This is an excellent story and I highly recommend it.

Ages 4 and up

16 Pages

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