The King of Bees by Lester L. Laminack


Back of Book:
Henry can’t wait until he can have a bee suit of his own so he can help his Aunt Lilla with the sister bees.
Day after day as Henry observes his Aunt Lilla work with the beehives on their Lowcountry farm, he becomes fascinated with her bee suit and her ability to communicate with the bees. When he learns that the bees are getting ready to look for a new place to live, he tries to find a way to communicate with the sister bees to convince them to stay.

My Review:
After reading this story I wished that I could be apart of the world that Henry lived in. The relationship that Henry has with his book is touching and real. The way Aunt Lilla teaches Henry about the way of the bees is a beautiful look at how older generations can teach younger generations about the importance of protecting and caring for nature. I love how much information the text gives about bees. The authors note in the back of the book shares that he has a love of bees and wanted to share that love with readers. The illustrations are truly stunning and show the details of the bees. I truly enjoyed reading this amazing book.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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