Miss Lady Bird’s Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America by Kathi Appelt




Back of Book:
Bluebonnets and lady’s slippers, larkspurs and blazing stars, black-eyed Susans and Granny’s nightcaps.
From a lonely childhood in the Piney Woods of East Texas to an exciting life in the White House, Lady Bird Johnson loved these wildflowers with all her heart. They were her companions in her youth, greeting her everywhere as she explored wild forests, bayous, and hills. Later, as First Lady, she sought to bring the beauty of wildflowers to America’s cities and highways. She wanted to make sure every child could enjoy the splendor of wildflowers.
In this warm, engaging look at the life of a great First Lady, Kathi Appelt tells the story behind Lady Bird Johnson’s environmental vision. Joy Fisher Hein’s colorful wildflowers burst from every page, inviting us to share in Lady Bird’s love for natural beauty.

My Review:
My students are eagerly watching their seeds grow into sunflowers. In the meantime, I wanted to share the story of Lady Bird and her love of gardens and flowers. She had a huge impact on the environment. This book tells the amazing story of how Lady Bird grew up and learned to love all kinds of plants. While in the White House as the First Lady, she started a campaign to make the United States a more beautiful place to live. In her later years she helped establish the National Wildflower Research Center. She was an amazing woman and this story shows readers all the ways she changed the world! The back of the book has a list of beautiful wildflowers as well as an biography note about Lady Bird Johnson. A great story to share with readers when discussing plants and growing.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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