Just So Willow By Sara Shacter


Back of Book:
Willow is a polar bear who likes things just so. She even irons her underwear and tidies her teacher! So when a storm covers her backyard in a smooth blanket of snow, she’s determined to keep it that way—in spite of all the other kids creating a lumpy, bumpy mess. Will Willow realize that being particular is making her miss out on all the fun?
My Review:
I was sent a copy of this picture book from Sterling Children’s Books in exchange for an honest review.
I love the message in this endearing story about allowing things to not always be perfect. Every year my classroom has a child who struggles with being a perfectionist. It is always hard for me to see them struggle with wanting things just so. I was so excited to share “Just So Willow” in my classroom. Willow is a young polar bear who loves to have things in perfect order. When show falls, Willow wants it to stay pristine and clean. In order to accomplish her goal, she makes a plan to stop her neighbors. In doing so, Willow realizes how much fun she can have not following the rules.  I loved using this book in my classroom to talk about social and emotional learning. It showed my students the value of having fun and not worrying about keeping everything perfect. The illustrations by Stephanie Laberis are colorful and charming. Willow’s facial expressions are spot on to match her emotions. A perfect book for readers of all ages.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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