A Day for Skating By Sarah Sullivan


Back of Book:
On a brisk winter’s day, the frozen pond is crisscrossed by figure skaters, hockey players, new skaters, and old pros, all gliding across the ice. It’s time to bundle up, lace your skates, and give it a try — then head inside for cocoa and snacks when your cheeks grow rosy and your toes are cold. Back at home, warm bedtime rituals make for the end of a perfect day. But when darkness falls at the pond, who will come out to skate?
I received a copy of this picture book from Candlewick Press in exchange for an honest review.
Sarah Sullivan used her childhood memories and created a delightful nostalgic story about the joy of ice skating.  The story follows a young girl and her father as they enjoy a winter day on the ice. The rhyming scheme flows beautifully and the figurative language draws readers into the experience. The text describes the many types of activities that happen on ice including hockey, speed skating and waltzing. The illustrations by Madeline Valentine are nothing short of magical! I loved the images of the community coming together and enjoying the winter wonderland. This is a beautiful story that is perfect for any winter unit.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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