Way Past Mad By Hallee Adelman & Sandra De La Prada

Back of Book:
Keya is way past mad. Her little brother Nate messed up everything even breakfast. She heads to school kicking rocks and sticks. When her best friend Hooper tries to help, Keya shouts, “I don’t even like you.” It’s not true, but Hooper storms off, kicking rocks and sticks too. Keya gave him her mad! Now it’s up to Keya to find a different way past mad and to make things right.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Albert Whitman Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Social and Emotional Learning is such an important of my classroom teaching. Hallee Adelman has a gift for writing stories that children can understand and relate too. Keya is a child who is having a tough day. Her brother messed up her breakfast and the day just keeps getting worse. When she gets angry at her best friend Hooper, she sees that being mad can be contagious. She realizes that being mad can ruin a day, but being a good friend can change everything. The text is written in a first-person narrative and allows readers to identify with how Keya is feeling. The illustrations by Sandra de la Prada are detailed and expressive. She captured the emotion of Keyra and Hooper realistically. Way Past Mad is an excellent book that allows readers to connect with the characters and realize that everyone has bad days. A must-have for classroom libraries.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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