Luci Soars Written and Illustrated By Lulu Delacre

Back of Book:
Luci was born without a shadow. Mamá says no one notices. But Luci does. And sometimes others do too. Sometimes they stare, sometimes they tease Luci, and sometimes they make her cry. But when Luci learns to look at what makes her different as a strength, she realizes she has more power than she ever thought. And that her differences can even be a superpower.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Penguin books Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
“Luci Soars” written and illustrated by Lulu Delacre is a moving story about the importance of stay true to who you are. The story follows a young Latina girl named Luci who is born without a shadow. Luci wishes she was like everyone else and feels isolated and alone. One day Luci steps away from other people’s shadows and opinions to discover her own bright light. The text is written with a mixture of English and Spanish words which adds another layer of diversity to the story. The illustrations begin in black and white and evolve into color as Luci finds strength in who she is and that it is okay to be different.
This is a beautiful story to use to discuss the topics of inclusion, individuality, and being proud of who you are.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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